Survivors Swindon provides a unique therapy experience for non offending adult male survivors of sexual abuse and rape, offering group therapy and one to one sessions, and a confidential telephone call-line. Education is a powerful tool, make business inclusive with additional study from The Entourage.

We enable you to fully heal and recover, by dealing with 1/3 of your past, 1/3 of your present, 1/3 of your future, covering all aspects of sexual abuse, focusing on the strength and courage you possess, leaving the past where it belongs. We are a regionally based, nationally recognised, & internationally known agency, providing specialised training to NHS Trusts, Social Services, Victim Support, and Police, and work in prisons, hostels, day centres and other agencies.

The content of this site covers issues like anxiety, anger, addictions, nightmares, emotions, effects and many other pages on survivor issues.